Church’s Garden Center began as a flower shop and landscape gardener in 1889 in Cape May, owned and operated by Frank Tulus Church. In 1928 his 18-year old son, Frank Jr. took over the business. In 1936 the family moved to Erma where the greenhouse and landscaping continued, with a retail shop being rented in Cape May on holidays to sell flowers. Frank Theodore Church (3rd generation), was born in 1938 and brother Dave in 1940. By 1955, Frank was doing most of the landscaping and Dave worked in the greenhouses. In 1965, Church’s Garden Center separated into two separate businesses, with Frank naming the landscaping business Church’s Seashore Nursery, while Dave continued with the retail business as Church’s Garden Center. Frank’s son, Steven, joined Church’s Seashore Nursery in the early 80’s and Dave’s son, Paul, joined Church’s Garden Center. With fathers and sons working together, both Church’s Seashore Nursery, Inc. and Church’s Garden Center and Farm, Inc. continue to prosper.